Subsea Couplers – Nondestructive Testing

Material Inspection Technology provides an array of services to a leader in the subsea oil and gas hydraulic coupler industry.During this relationship MIT has developed numerous project specific inspection procedures in X-Ray, Liquid Penetrant, Ferrite and Visual inspections.Our technique we utilize during this testing is only one part of the success we have experienced during this relationship. The involvement our customer has put forth has helped us form more of a partnership than a client/vendor style affiliation.The communication and cooperation exhibited between our companies helps both parties predict the input and output of the high volume fast paced production while maintaining the required quality expected by the end user. To back this up, MIT received the Service and Support Supplier of the Year Award in 2007.Our technicians assigned to this ongoing 5 year project are highly trained in accordance to the required procedures and are familiar with the detailed specifications associated with the job.

The visual inspections are performed with Certified Welding Inspectors that are trained and qualified to the project specifications.

The reporting for the project is extensive and a high degree of accuracy is always maintained and verified prior to product shipment