Quality Assurance

Your company’s utilization of the right third-party Quality Assurance (QA) inspection company is a vital part of a successful project.

We have extensive experience in performing QA in several industrial sectors which include commercial construction, heavy equipment fabrication, pressure vessels, piping and ship to shore crane manufacturing.

Our Quality Assurance group offers Quality Management, Vendor Surveillance, Third Party Inspections and Weld Consulting.

We pride ourselves in not being the typical office quality staff but we spend our time in the field getting to know the projects we are working on by being involved in the fabrication and manufacturing of your project.

We, of course, have state side experience along with overseas experience in China, Finland, Poland, Estonia and England. Our QA staff are Certified Welding Inspectors in accordance with American Welding Societies QC-1.

MIT personnel are dedicated to providing our customers with quality, professional, nondestructive testing and quality assurance services, exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our goal is to fill a growing service need in the inspection field that does not just provide a service but brings values, client satisfaction and integrity to the inspection business. MIT’s commitment to our customers is proven by:

  • 100% dedication to our customers needs
  • Our professional relationship with our clients
  • Our continual improvement in quality
  • Our commitment to continuing education
  • Our continual update in equipment and services
  • Our on-time delivery

Since our inception in 2003, MIT continuously increased and broadened its base of knowledge and experience in all aspects of inspection. This has provided our customers with increased confidence in our services, and helped forge partnership-like bonds.

Understanding Clients’ Products

Our understanding in our clients’ products has helped MIT train their personnel more effectively along with writing effective procedures, using proper equipment and implementing the proper techniques.  This has ensured a code-compliant product in a timely manner at a value added price.