Port Inspection Services

Since our first project for the port in 2004, we have been involved in the manufacturing QA of over 40 ship to shore and RTG cranes.
During the numerous projects we have worked closely with the manufacturers to improve their process to the point where the end user is getting a product far superior than was originally delivered. MIT did this by closely monitoring the material storage, layout, welding and inspection processes during the fabrication of the cranes.The manufactures of these cranes are located in Finland, Poland, Estonia and The Peoples Republic of China. MIT has gained extensive experience in dealing with overseas manufactures during these projects.It is important to know not only the project specifications and drawings, but to learn communication skills in the locations the projects are being manufactured. This is important to achieve product compliance and on-time delivery.Over the last seven years and multiple contracts for this port, both our customer and MIT feel that the manufactures are delivering better cranes and know that when MIT is on the project, we will accept no less than what our client has specified.Our client knows from our relationship that has developed over the years that we know their expectations and they know that we will hold the manufacture to those expectations.