Nondestructive Testing Capabilities

Services Leader

MIT strives to be a leader in our field by providing services which include:

  • Nondestructive Testing (RT, UT, PT, MT, FT, HT, VT)
  • American Welding Society, Certified Welding Inspectors
  • Weld Consulting
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Third Party Vendor Surveillance
  • QA Management


We are based out of our 10,000 square foot local facility in Houston, Texas, which is equipped to provide a full list of in house NDT services. We also are fully mobile and have provided many of our services all over the United States, Europe and China.

Certification & Procedures

Our technicians and inspectors are trained and certified in accordance with the appropriate technical societies for each industry we serve, including, among others, ASME, API, AWS, AWWA, etc.

We continuously update our Procedures, Standard Operation Procedures, Written Practice and Operating and Emergency Procedures to stay in compliance with current codes and specifications. We gladly write custom procedures to comply with our customers needs.